How to Start a Porta Potty Business

The best way to ensure your portable restroom situation is safe to use is following all OSHA regulations. First, you must have enough toilets for the number of workers at the construction site. For example, you need at least one bathroom for locations with 1-20 employees, with more required as you increase the number of personnel. Once the waste tank has been emptied, porta potties must be charged for use.

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Porta Potties are a vital service that helps to keep job sites sanitary and safe for workers. Without Porta Potties, workers would be forced to use unsanitary conditions that could lead to illness and disease. In this scenario, you would still only need two handicapped restrooms. Although, you would need additional ones if you had more than two clusters of restrooms.

How Do Portable Bathrooms Work?

Start by putting out feelers with your friends, people you know through social clubs or church, and acquaintances on social media platforms. Eventually, someone in your network will come through and know someone who is looking to sell their portable toilet business. However, it’s important to remember that a business broker works on commission and has an invested interest in making quick sales for the most money.

Also, it is looking likely that the vacuum toilets will inspire the next generation of fixed toilet facilities since they use less water, a fact that will be considered a good thing by environmentalists. While horizontal growth is about offering related services, vertical growth consists of exploring opportunities at other stages of the supply chain. Clean your toilets at the end of each day and keep track of them during the day. If the construction site is small, you should consider placing the toilets toward the center of the site. Placing them off to one side can make it hard for workers to get to it quickly. Employees may also trip over obstacles or cross near dangerous areas on a long walk. Try to find private locations for them so employees feel comfortable using them.

These days, there are so many varieties of porta potties to choose from. Porta potties come in a wide range of all different sizes and amenities. That being said, your rental cost can vary quite a bit depending on which type of portable restroom(s) you’d like to offer your guests. Low-level exterior lighting and ample interior lighting make luxury restrooms safer to use at all times of the day and in all seasons.

Porta potties offer you a convenient way to bring facilities onto any site. Marketing is very vital to the sustainability and growth of a business and must therefore be taken seriously.

Standard, Deluxe Sink & Towable Porta Potties

Each company has different rental rates and terms, so be sure to shop around to find the best deal. This includes the ability of attendees to access restrooms without too much hassle or wait. You may be wondering how many porta-potty rentals you need for your event.

Read more about Events here. Choose the rows for the length of the event and the estimated number of attendees. Where those rows intersect, that’s how many portable restrooms are recommended. If it’s a multi-day event, calculate based on the longest day of the event as well as the day with the highest estimated attendees. As someone in need of portable toilet rental in the Arizona Valley, one of your top questions is likely “How many porta-potties do I need?. ” We know this because it’s a question that’s not only asked by people in our service area throughout the Valley.

If you are having a larger event, there should be one handicap-accessible restroom for every 20 portable toilets. It is essential to know that the portable toilet business is highly competitive. You may want to consider buying into a franchise instead of starting your own from scratch — joining an established company may be easier and more lucrative. A portable toilet business is ideal for someone that does not mind a dirty and sometimes smelly job. If you want to start a portable toilet business, this type of work cannot bother you.

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You can stand out from the competition by upgrading the equipment you offer. Portable bathrooms can often be an eyesore and event planners will be more likely to choose your business if you offer newer equipment. With innovations like vacuum technology, portable restrooms can be more convenient and hygienic. One of the first things you can do to expand your business is to invest in more equipment. If you’re having a hard time meeting the existing demand for portable bathroom rentals, purchasing more units will increase your ability to meet this demand. However, you can’t find the first construction portable toilets you see.

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