How I Keep Our White Couches ..WHITE!

We know it sounds obvious, but this step is often overlooked and should be your first move. Consider the size and layout of your space and start out by measuring it to understand how much real estate you’re working with. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even take it one step further and draw yourself up a floor plan to help you visualize the layout of your room. Another great option is to use painter’s tape to tape out the dimensions of your pieces on the floor to give you a good feel for the space.

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Look for any obstructions, such as radiators, shelving, and other built-ins that would hinder the sofa from getting where it needs to go. Accidents can always happen, and sometimes they may involve your sofa.

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Or visit your closest gallery to try
our sofas in person, explore our leather and fabric walls, and
enjoy complimentary 3D Interior
Planning. To ensure your sofa will fit your space, ask our Gallery
Ambassadors for a 3D room plan as part of our complimentary
Interior Planning service. If your sofa is going into
a room where you entertain often or you use your sofa to read or
work, a more formal and supportive model like a Chesterfield sofa is better
suited. The sofa is always the anchor point, with everything else built around it. Gently apply a small amount of Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to your couch.

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Read more about flexform citterio here.

Avoid a sofa that visibly twists or creaks during this test. Depending on the couch you have, moving it can be a challenge. There’s no guarantee your current sofa will even fit into your next home. Frequent movers should think about getting a modular sofa that can be rearranged as needed to suit every space they live in. Or, another option if you move frequently, consider a low-cost sofa that you won’t mind donating or reselling when it’s time to go. Consider your current sofa or sofas you’ve used in the past, and what—if anything—you would like to add to it. Couches may have cupholders, reclining seats, built-in beds, replaceable covers, built-in storage, and other features to suit buyers’ needs and add greater opportunities for personalization.

a 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa
and striking accent chair
around a coffee table allows you to contrast materials and inject
personality. Now that you’re done cleaning and conditioning your leather couch, we bet you can’t wait to sit down and enjoy it. Just as you let your couch dry after cleaning it, you need to allow it to dry after conditioning. If there is any conditioner residue left on the product after 24 hours, wipe it away with your cloth. The first step to conditioning your leather couch has nothing to do with conditioning. First, use a lint-free cloth to remove any loose dirt and debris. If there is dirt stuck down in the cracks of your couch (and let’s face it, there probably is) use a hand-held vacuum to remove it.

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