Using music therapy to develop children with autism

It can be a great option if you’re looking to help your child improve their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills. It is also a great option for anyone who struggles to communicate with words. Their music therapist will do their best to include your child’s preferred music in their sessions. Read more about piano lessons for autism here. Using your child’s favorite music helps provide familiarity, comfort, and interest. A 2017 clinical trial found music therapy produced no significant improvement in severe autism symptoms in children. The session usually starts with the therapist playing music, then having the client pick an instrument and join in.

music therapy for autism

With its strong impact on emotions, it has been suggested that music, applied as music therapy, can help children with autism regulate stress so that they can calm down. Professional music therapists have the MT-BC credential and work in a variety of settings. They assess the strengths and needs of each person and provide therapy using a variety of music and techniques. In addition to music therapy, there are many other treatment options to consider that focus on each person’s specific needs.

How does music therapy make a difference to an autistic child?

They struggle with maintaining a conversation, extending welcomes and farewells, taking turns appropriately, and applying conversational repair procedures. These shortcomings are linked to difficulties with perspective-taking and the theory of mind. Because pragmatic speech problems are very common in ASD, this area has received much attention. When compared to peers with usual development, intellectual disabilities, or other disorders, children with ASD have reduced pragmatic skills.

How does music therapy help children with autism?

If your child already seems to enjoy and respond to music, it may be worth looking into music therapy providers. Our apps teach executive function, language, emotional regulation, finger dexterity skills, and more. For many, music therapy can seem like an unconventional approach at first. But before you dismiss this as a viable option for your little one, we’ve put together some of the most compelling research on the topic. Contact us to book a session with Munster Music therapy or find a music therapist near you. This is a short video presentation detailing out how music therapy may be used in an ASD class and how it may be used to target IEP goals as part of a teachers multi-disciplinary team. Music therapy can stimulate individuals to reduce negative responses and increase participation in more appropriate and socially acceptable ways.

Music therapy in ASD classrooms

We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory in the country of child development providers. Some states may even require a music therapist to obtain a license on top of their certification.

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