Shipping Container Sizes: Top Guide Types + How to Choose

How much you pay for shipping containers will impact your overall business costs. Whether you’re a freight forwarder, NVOCC, container trader or simply an end-user, you must ensure that you’re paying only the right price for containers. All the containers we’ve discussed so far are easily available in the container market.

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Shipping containers are designed to carry heavy loads and withstand extreme weather conditions. Below, you’ll find an estimated shipping container costs breakdown for both new and used standard dry containers for your reference, a valuable aid in your container selection journey. Container shipping operates within a diverse landscape of specialized container types, each meticulously designed to cater to distinct cargo requirements. As an international freight forwarder, the company provides logistical support services by air, sea and land – supported by warehousing and distribution services. They offer services by carefully selecting the right overseas partners to work with. The main objective of RSL is to provide cost-effective, reliable, speedy and quality support to their clients.

It is an excellent investment for vehicle dealers because you will need to ship several goods regularly. Traditionally, goods are transported using trucks explicitly designed to transport freight. Although precautions are taken to prevent damage, there are situations where your items might get scratches, especially for long-distance moves.

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Step 2: Choose your ideal container type and size

Use this opportunity to finalize all the terms of the deal. Please note that the shipping container costs for each of the different sizes will vary based on demand. As you can see from the table above, the demand for new 40ft containers is higher than a new 40ft high cube, and thus, the former is more expensive despite being smaller. Understanding shipping container prices empowers savvy decision-making for your project amidst the market maze.

They form only a small fraction of container buyers in the shipping industry. Especially, when the industry is so fragmented with hardly any price transparency.

How container trading works

Next, you need to access the ground to check out whether it is level and moisture-absorbent. Level ground is ideal since it ensures the container doors can open without obstruction. The soil should be compacted and firm to support the container’s frame. If the site is slanted, you can add a layer of gravel to secure it. You need a shipping container permit to temporarily keep, use, or repair a container in less than two hectares of land.

They’re like the budget savior’s  – helping with storage, moving stuff around, or even creating temporary spaces without emptying your pockets. Find the shipping container cost ranges of various shipping containers, categorized by size, in the table below. Simply put, to earn profits in container trading, you can buy containers from where prices are low and sell them in locations where prices are high. Read our latest “Where are all the containers” report to find out more and keep up to date with the latest industry development. On xChange, you can expand your container-selling business without setting up any additional infrastructure. On our online trading platform, you can find 1500+ buyers in 2500+ locations. This way, you connect with more buyers from all over the world.

What Is the Average Cost of Moving Containers?

The adoption of containerization in the mid-20th century drastically increased the speed of international trade and reduced the cost. Now, shipping containers are an industry all their own, with a variety of standard shipping container sizes and uses, as well as more uncommon configurations. That’s why it’s important to keep track of prices, especially if you’re part of the shipping industry. With this tool, you get current container prices in 180+ locations globally. All you’ve to do is submit your location and the container type. At Container xChange, we’ve made the process of trading containers more efficient.

This also means that the container can be offloaded only in a straight-up way. Shipping containers are large metal boxes usually made of corrugated steel used to transport your cargo via ships, trucks, and trains.

Just browse through the offers and trade containers – at 0% commission. Container manufacturers are companies that build shipping containers from scratch. It’s important to remember that manufacturers are different from suppliers.

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