Range Balls and How They Compare to Regular Golf Balls

Again, keep your weight to the left, turn back, and bring your left hand to about waist high, keeping the wrist flat. Finally, the shorter and slower swings will not be affected as heavily by altitude, so don’t adjust as much for those greenside approaches as you might for a booming drive or 3-wood off the deck. Air pressure can also influence the way in which the ball travels through the air. For every 10 degrees Fahrenheit that the temperature decreases, around a yard in distance will be slashed from your carry.

Your club should go no higher than your lead shoulder when you follow through. Read more about Golf Ball Air Cannon here. This will ensure that your shot stays low by decreasing the rate of rotation. A punch shot is played from the back of your stance to keep the ball as low as possible, usually to avoid obstacles and put your play back on the fairway. The Stinger is a full shot that is meant to keep the ball low and in the fairway.

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Backspin produces lift that keeps the ball in the air longer. The right amount of backspin (between 2000–4000 rpm) optimizes carry distance. Too little backspin and the ball falls out of the sky. Too much and the ball climbs vertically without gaining horizontal distance. BTW, Aerodynamics is the most critical of all the factors for distance consideration. But I think you mean all golf balls today have “optimum” dimple patterns so it can be discarded.

Finding proper balance is a key fundamental to a sound golf swing. This video talks about …

Slower swings produce shorter carries and more rollout due to lower launch angles. But maximum totals still correlate strongest to high ball speeds. In a Pink Lady tournament, teams are comprised of four golfers.

Minutes to the Perfect Golf Backswing

The serious purpose of the study is to determine the relationship of spin to deflection at different speeds. This problem has application to ballistics at very low speeds. But we (and the head designers) know how the USGA/R+A define the center of the face – and the one place on the face we know will be tested (other spots will be picked randomly). And that test value is one of the primary ones that will be used to judge the characteristics of the head (and the designers know that). That is a possibility and why comparing results from different sessions needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Or another possibility is to bring along your gamer as a kind of “control” for the test. So you look at what you get with the tested club relative to your gamer instead of looking at it in isolation.

But in reality, there’s a 1 or 2 MPH difference because of manufacturing variances. In general, when hit off the button, the ball speed will be the same and will be at its maximum for a given swing speed. How much ball speed it loses when hit off center is up to the OEM’s engineers as they’ll do their darn best to preserve it. Factor in rollout after landing and a 160 mph drive could approach 325 total yards.

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