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Not only will there be huge potential for the Will to be invalid and cause huge problems, the service will most likely not be free. Many of these services get you to sign up for a service which they say you can cancel at any time. The problem is that when you try and cancel it you find that money continues to come out of your account. Fill in the blanks on a form and everything is taken care of. For virtually no money at all you can have your Will set up. Writing a Will doesn’t need to be difficult, but the option of a free Will kit is one that can get you into a whole lot of trouble. If any beneficiary in your Will is a minor, then you should set up a trust for their inheritance.

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These witnesses should not be beneficiaries under your will. Also, the state of Louisiana requires wills to be notarized for them to be legal. You know that you need a Will but what options are out there for Wills and Estate Planning?

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DIY wills are also more prone to errors and may not cover all necessary legal aspects. Plus, getting professional advice ensures your will is legally valid and comprehensive.

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So it might make sense to have a digital version of your legacy drawer. Make sure you’re storing your documents somewhere safe, like a trusted digital storage platform or a personal file on your computer.

Make sure that your online will includes the necessary legal language. The resulting document should be titled “Last Will and Testament” and should clearly state that the Will and testament are in your name. Finally, prevent any identity confusion by providing your full name, date of birth, and address. Your online Will template should also include a line for your signature, along with the names, addresses, dates, and signatures of two witnesses. You must sign your will in the presence of two witnesses for it to be valid.

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Note that in many provinces, the government provides free downloadable will templates online, so if you’d like to pursue a DIY option, it’s worth researching your provincial resources first. You must sign your will in wet ink along with two witnesses who must also sign your will. The exception is British Columbia where you are permitted to witness and store your will online. Everyone needs a plan in case they can’t speak for themselves about medical decisions, but is a living will the best option? Remember, making a will protects those you love at a time when they’re grieving.

It should also include a clause that outlines what happens if a beneficiary passes away before you and how their assets will be distributed. When you’re finally ready to sit down and create your will, find a quiet place with limited distractions so you can avoid making any mistakes. You will want to block off between 20 minutes to a couple of hours.

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