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For instance, if your product requires specialized machinery, skills, or mold, your minimum order quantity may be relatively high. In this case, the production of your product requires the manufacturer to invest their time and money. Because of the factors affecting communication, positive response from the supplier may directly affect the mass production process of your products in future. Therefore, the communication part is not only about them being able to produce your products and meet your expectations. You should also consider other factors during the negotiation process.

An even better quality check would be to request samples of their products. Some factories may charge you for the samples but it may be a worthwhile expense. Below are some fundamental qualities to look out for as you compare Chinese manufacturers for your product. Creating a working relationship with your product manufacturer entails agreeing on terms and conditions of how your business dealings will run. The safest approach to this would be to negotiate and have both parties commit to a contract. If you reach out to the China Chamber of Commerce, they could offer you lots of helpful information regarding manufacturers in your product niche. A trading company is a firm that organizes to have your product manufactured at a factory, receives the completed order, and then sells it to you at a markup.

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Once you have narrowed down your list of top manufacturers, take time to investigate them further. Some middlemen pose as manufacturers to make a profit and so it would be prudent to ask the manufacturers for proof of registration. The beauty of these events is that they bring together hundreds of manufacturers per sector under one roof. You would thus have a chance to consult with and compare different manufacturers and also assess different samples of their works. Understanding such trends could give you some clarity on whether China is the right manufacturing destination for your business.

Mexico versus China for Manufacturing

Yet this industrial transformation did not come without a price—on the environment, and on the livelihoods of the indigenous communities of this place—nor without contestations on labor conditions and the lack of compliance with local laws and customs. The Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) in Central Sulawesi is one of the largest Chinese investments in Indonesia, touted by its creators as a perfect model of Sino-Indonesian collaboration.

Manufacturing Contracts When Manufacturing in Multiple Countries

(3) Although the data sources are explained in this paper, digitalization in China is developing rapidly. Therefore, the use of data in this paper seems to be old and the research data is rather lagging, please consider adding the latest data after 2014. We note you have included a table to which you do not refer in the text of your manuscript. For those customers taking releases from East West’s warehoused inventory against blanket Purchase Orders, we will automatically manage our inventory to minimize any CNY impact. We only ask that you provide us with an updated forecast through the month of March. 12 Eligible stocks must have a float-adjusted market capitalization of at least USD 2.5 billion, a three-month average daily value traded no less than USD 8 million, and an Investable Weight Factor (IWF) of at least 15%.

Sourcing agents have a presence in the country where the items are produced and offices in the sellers’ countries as well. As an intermediary, they support your interests while ensuring a fair deal for manufacturers. A sourcing strategy that does not consider mutual benefits often suffers from outcomes such as poor quality, disputes and short-term relationships. How No Touch Easy Gloves moved manufacturing to China and cut 60-70% on production costs with the help of Gembah’s factory sourcing services. Read more about Quality Control in China here. From an all-time high of $538 billion in 2018, the value of goods imported from China to the U.S. dropped from $451 billion in 2019 to $435 billion in 2020 in a year dominated by the pandemic and shutdowns across the world.

China Manufacturer – How to Find Reliable Manufacturers

For customers of East West, we recommend any forecast or Purchase Order changes are communicated to us by October 1, 2023, to ensure we can implement the necessary strategies to keep your supply chain full over the CNY period. Companies in the new economy sectors featured higher revenue growth, higher profitability, and lower leverage than the broader equities market, and they tended to be priced with higher valuation (P/E and P/B) and lower dividend yield (see Exhibit 18). Viewed as strategic emerging industries, environmental protection, energy conservation, and new energy technologies have gained strong government support.

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