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There is great skill involved in tasting samples of the various beans and selecting the right blend to produce a high-quality, distinctive soluble coffee. Turning green coffee beans into high-quality soluble coffee requires a great deal of expertise and technical know-how. Here are the eight steps that transform the humble bean into your favourite cup of NESCAFÉ® coffee (or nine steps if you prefer your NESCAFÉ decaffeinated). However, NESCAFÉ® uses a decaffeination process with water that allows all the aroma and flavour of the coffee to be preserved, without the use of other chemicals. This is the same technique that’s used for ‘Roast & Ground’ coffee which you might buy in your local supermarket or coffee shop. You need something roasty enough to keep its bold flavours and captivating aromas when you add your milk or creamer – if that’s how you like it. NESCAFÉ Red Mug is our signature blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, offering a balanced, smooth taste and rich aroma.

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This pressing concern was recently articulated by Arnold Abear, a longtime coffee farmer from Bukidnon province in Mindanao. Such a dire scenario could become a reality for him and his fellow farmers in the future. Worse, some may already be experiencing it—adversely impacting harvests, and ultimately, livelihoods that provide for the welfare of their families. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

How to make the best instant coffee

What made this campaign work was not only the fact that good coffee started being available in the workplace, but it also gave people the opportunity to socialize. They got the chance to take coffee breaks together, talk and relax. Nescafe brought a sense of unity and friendliness in the workplace, where those two are often crucial for things to be done. We (or a third party on our behalf) may collect information in the form of logs files that record website activity and gather statistics about a user’s browsing habits. One of the things I love about working at Nestlé is the opportunity it gives me to be part of the power of food. Year after year, all around the globe, food brings families together around the table. Memories of meals with loved ones are special to us all, no matter where you live.

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In this case, I took my NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® French Roast coffee and add a few touches that make it memorable. I use the best quality unsweetened cocoa powder from Valrhona as a start. Originally from Italy, a cappuccino is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the UK.

This one has a genuine taste as there’s ‘no bitterness’ and ‘no real instant flavour’. Robusta is a wild and ‘robust’ bush that happily handles the harsh climates of Africa, Vietnam and parts of Indonesia. The flavour is heavier without the sweetness of arabica, and doesn’t show regional differences in the same way. It is a useful ‘filler’ in cheaper blends, and is sometimes added to give that ‘coffee kick’. The soluble coffee powder or granules are filled into glass jars or sachets. Filling is carried out in an inert gas atmosphere, to prevent any deterioration of the flavour or aroma of the coffee during storage. Spray-drying is used for most soluble coffees, whereas freeze-drying is used for  more expensive, higher quality coffees.

In spray-drying, the liquor is sprayed into a stream of hot air at the top of a tall cylindrical tower. As the droplets fall, they dry, falling to the bottom of the cylinder as a fine powder.

Variations of Frappe coffee according to proportions of ingredients

coffee flavors to sweets and creating the ‘imprint’ people didn’t have, so they would start liking coffee and its taste from quite a young age. Coffee was first brought to Japan via Dutch trading ships in the 1800s. It gained in popularity when it started being served in a kissaten, the Japanese coffee shop. In a kissaten, you could grab a bite, relax and have something to drink, most often coffee or black tea. According to Nestle, 94 billion cups of Nescafé are consumed each year, making Nescafé the most popular coffee in the world. Over 5,500 cups of Nescafé are drunk each second, and it is the most consumed drink after water.

Single-origin coffee comes from one specific region and has a distinct flavour unique to the area it’s grown in. That flavour can be influenced by various factors such as soil, climate and altitude. Our expert thought M&S Gold instant had a nice sweetness and coffee character. Others weren’t considered to be as good though – Tesco Gold Instant Coffee was classed as ‘average, but not special’. We enlisted the help of our long-time coffee expert Giles Hilton to bring you unrivalled insight into what’s on the shelf. As you can see, Nestle has great ways of keeping people interested and intrigued.

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