How to Take a Sauna? Enhance your home sauna experience

Avanto also produce a home sauna, AITO, constructed from spruce-based cross-laminated timber. As private saunas have proliferated in Finland (3.3m in total for a population of 5.5m), it’s become the key element for any architect. “The first thing a Finnish architect will discuss is where to put the sauna and how will it look,” says Newport. As mentioned, most saunas are made of wood, because this material ensures the right insulation needed for a sauna environment. Build a simple frame with 2×4 stock and screws that spans the distance and measures 19 inches deep. Situate the bench with a leg positioned vertically and flat against the wall in each corner. Screw the legs to the walls and then screw the frame to the wall.

Saunas are known worldwide, but with the exception of a few geographic regions, most people don’t know how to use them properly (especially here in the U.S.). Rookie mistakes like not having the sauna hot enough, or skipping a proper cool-down, prevent people from getting the most out of the experience.

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Another option that can help restore muscle tissue after exercise is an infrared sauna. This lower temperature range is one of the appealing features of infrared saunas. Some people who use the infrared sauna for specific health goals such as detoxification, stress relief, or pain management might use the sauna daily. Read more about Sauna maintenance here. Infrared saunas help to relax the body and mind, leading to reduced stress levels and improved sleep patterns. You should never forget that this practice, while relaxing, and while potentially very healthy, can be very dangerous. Not all saunas are made the same, and two identical temperatures can feel very different depending on the environment and humidity.

Power down

When you return to the hotel sauna a third time, it should be 150 degrees plus, clean and fresh, and recovered from the shower you gave it. I would also suggest in an Infrared Sauna to have a small bucket of water with a wet towel you can use to wet the surface of your skin from time to time. Cooling the surface of your skin making the sauna heat more enjoyable. Not only does it soak up any sweat as you sauna bathe, keeping the sauna benches clean, but it also acts as a comfortable cushion and protects you from burning your skin. If you’re lucky enough to own a home sauna, you can skip this step. For the rest of us, it’s best  to check in the room first.

Why Do Some People Use Himalayan Salt in a Sauna?

It’s clear he believes being safe and having a good time in the sauna are two peas in a pod. With less moisture in the atmosphere, you can safely sweat it out in these hot boxes at temperatures of about 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius). Particularly devoted sauna worshipers often brave even hotter conditions. If you’re still not satisfied with your first session, you can still repeat it. You can cool off and then heat up as many times as you can, but for the majority of sauna users, two sessions is enough. First things first, before entering a sauna, make sure you are hydrated properly. It is recommended that you avoid drinks with high sugar content.

You can also fill up on vitamin-rich fruits such as Granny Smith apples. A cold plunge or shower can offer weight loss and enhanced alertness. The post-sauna period is the ideal time to rehydrate with water or a drink loaded with electrolytes.

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