How to Pack Up Your Kitchen For A Remodeling Project

They will have completed similar projects within your budget and are familiar with your neighborhood. If it’s a gut remodel, where walls, doors, and/or windows are moving, the wallboard or plaster comes off as well.

Some experts prefer to install cabinets first while others say flooring first is the way to go. Lovato says she recommends prioritizing cabinets over flooring because she likes the clean look this method provides. Don’t worry—grab a handful of paint swatches and accept that painting is more of a trial-and-error process.

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They look more like real stone than ever before at a much lower price tag. That and maybe the addition of a few new doors can make an enormous improvement without clobbering your wallet. Now in this kitchen, which is Anne Heggeman’s kitchen that we spoke with earlier in the show, in order to get the perfect look of the kitchen that she wanted she had to replace all the cabinets. Now begin with just how much you can actually afford to spend on the project.

Provide an overview of the project and any added services you’ll need, like architecture or design. Request their license and insurance credentials so that you can verify them prior to an in-home appointment. How do you choose the right contractor to transform your home at a fair price?

General Contractor vs. Kitchen Remodeling Specialist

Another alternative to get that look of wood but not put wood down is the laminate flooring which is something that you’re seeing a lot. Very do it yourself friendly but make sure that it’s warranted for a high moisture use like bathrooms and kitchens. Now you may want to refinish the cabinets or you may want to replace the cabinets entirely, that’ll depend a lot on the design.

Install Doors and Windows

Architects, designers, and engineers come in, if your project requires their services. Finish level is the most flexible of the three cost drivers. You can choose the budget track you want, from (almost) off-the-shelf to completely custom. Some kitchens can be semi-customized mixing stock items paired with materials to be made or modified to fit. Once these installations (and any inspections required by your municipality) are done, your remodel is complete and it’s time to move on to the most important step—relaxing and enjoying your new kitchen. Be prepared for a bit of a lull, as it can take time for the countertops to arrive. Lovato says this phase is a good time to order any remaining items like backsplash materials, hardware, decorative lighting and barstools.

Their experience and guidance will only help you make better, more well-informed decisions, and can help keep you from getting stalled out. If you have a large family or extensive cooking needs, consider doubling up on your most often-used appliances during kitchen planning. From rushed breakfasts before you head out the door, to family meals, to sharing a cup of tea with friends, the kitchen is the activity hub of your home. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, eating, or entertaining, the kitchen should be a space you enjoy, and thoughtful kitchen design can help make that happen. Careful planning is required to ensure a beautiful and highly functional kitchen.

At this point, you get to rip up your dated vinyl flooring, take away that ugly, dilapidated range hood and remove all of those dingy oak cabinets circa 1985. (If your scope is minimal, you might simply prep walls for paints or remove your old backsplash). Lovato recommends getting a large dumpster for all your construction debris so you can just toss it as soon as you remove it. The time needed for designing and remodeling a kitchen depends on the scope of the project, availability of materials, and the requirements of the design. So, when you’ve exhausted all of your own efforts, and you’re ready to throw in the towel and call this DIY project done, get in touch! Although appliances aren’t something that most people think of as being “DIY,” there are quite a few things you can do to them to update their look.

When I originally published this post (pre-Covid), a basic BODBYN kitchen was $1,999 for a 10′ x 10′ layout or around $100 per linear foot. You can easily pay five times that amount for semi-custom cabinets and ever higher for custom.

If your plan isn’t finalized yet, you won’t know how many knobs or pulls you’ll need, but you can add an allowance for hardware. $400 is a good mid-range number for a small to medium sized kitchen. Read more about Granite countertop here. A large, upscale kitchen with decorative appliance pulls could require well over $1000 in hardware. Just like with cabinets and countertops, you can easily blow your budget on appliances. On the low end, you could spend $15,000 for new appliances, and on the high-end, you could spend $80,000 or more.

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