How to Install a Faucet

Read more about blue kitchen faucet here. Remove the protective cap on the end of the hose, and connect it to the faucet with quick-connect lines. Simply press, clip, and listen for an audible click that indicates a secure connection. Measure the distance, center to center, of the outside holes of your sink to make sure the new faucet will fit. Place, then tighten with your hands, the two mounting nuts onto the under cover plate’s shanks to hold the escutcheon in place. Installing kitchen faucets are relatively simple once you have the right process and materials in place. What should be a 2-hour faucet-replacement job can quickly turn into an entire weekend plumbing project if you are faced with surprises along the way. If you don’t have plumbing experience or encounter a complication, it’s often better to call a plumber than to attempt to remove and reinstall additional plumbing elements.

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Optionally and probably recommended, you can add a few wraps of teflon tape for a better seal. In the box you’ll get the faucet, paperwork, an instruction manual and the parts. Before you get started replacing the sink, clear out everything from underneath your sink.

Introduction: How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Faucet

Removing your outdated unit also helps give a better understanding of how to install a new set. It may look daunting, but don’t you fret because it really isn’t. Another reason is that it’s good exercise, for both your physical abilities (though not very much, admittedly) and handiwork capability.

How to Change the Faucet Hose in a Kitchen Sink

This is a common size for shut off valves or fittings that solder to copper pipe. We also want to add that it might be better to contact a plumber if you’re considering upgrading to a more expensive or professional kitchen faucet.

How to modernise your kitchen on a budget

Consider the style and finish that will best match your kitchen decor. The mounting hardware usually connects to the shank(s) below the deck; screw the mounting nut until it’s a half inch below the surface.

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