How to form a corporation in 11 steps

Read more about USA company formation here. Limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations, on the other hand, do. For a non-US resident forming a new company, it is critical to understand the differences between the types of US business entities. Business entities are always formed under state law instead of federal law. Because each state makes its own laws, the specific rules and requirements are different from state to state.

However, to actually perform duties in the U.S., You would generally need a visa or some other permitted basis for being in the U.S. For most new businesses, Peña recommends setting up accounting software so you can track your income and expenses and understand your cash flow, income, and expenses. That’s the approach she’s taken with her LLC, and she now has financial data over time that can show whether it would make sense to elect S corp taxation. Every business is unique, however, and questions about tax status, reasonable salaries, and deductible expenses can best be answered by a CPA who can look at the specifics of your LLC. An operating agreement is a vital document that outlines your LLC’s operational and financial procedures, including details on the business structure, ownership interests, and profit division. Even if not legally mandated, developing a detailed operating agreement is vital as it clarifies the management, financial rights, and responsibilities of LLC members.

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Unfortunately, an S-corporation is unavailable for non-residents. US citizens, on the other hand, can benefit from this business entity by saving on employment taxes. That is in addition to avoiding double taxation involved in C-corporations. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and S-corporations are “pass-through business entities” which means that the company’s income is added to the owner’s personal tax return.

Open a Merchant Account (to Allow Credit and Debit Payments)

Seeing “Inc.” or “Corp.” after a business name can instill a sense of trust and professionalism. This perceived stability can make others more inclined to do business with you, potentially giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace. A service like Bench can save a lot of time, and it’s work you should really be delegating. You get a company email address for receipts and just forward anything/everything to it, and everything is magically organised. Now that you’re set up you’ll want to make sure you have some sort of accounting system in place, both for record-keeping purposes and to help you run your business well. The first time you set up a US LLC, the entire process can take around 5 weeks. Though there is no income tax in Delaware, there is a “franchise tax” of $300 per year (flat fee).

How long does it take to form an LLC?

These companies don’t work with random individuals, they all require you to have an incorporated company and be compliant with their terms and conditions. Yes, an LLC can register to do business in multiple states simultaneously.

By doing so, you will establish your corporation as its own business entity. Not all states require your corporation to have corporate bylaws, but it’s important you check with your local secretary of state’s office in which you plan to do business. Most businesses need some type of business license or permit, but the requirements for your business will depend on where you’re located and what industry you’re in. Some states and many localities require all businesses to have a general business license. Read more about USA company formation here. Many industries, such as alcohol and firearms sales, aviation and restaurants, require additional licenses. EIN is a prerequisite for filing federal and state taxes, and you will need it to open a business bank account. Acquiring an EIN can be done through the Internal Revenue Service.

They need cheap, reliable, easy-to-integrate payment processing, which they have trouble finding locally. Below you’ll see some of the common reasons people cite for deciding to start a company in the USA vs their home country. The exception here is that you cannot form an S-Corp without US resident shareholders, but as you will also see below, that’s not a problem for most of us. Always consult a professional before choosing a course of action.

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