How to Evaluate a Mattress

Sometimes the cause is allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold, and dust trapped in your mattress. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have if you were looking to purchase a new mattress. To keep your mattress protected, you must always keep it covered with sheets.

Knowing what type of mattress you want and how much you’re willing to spend can narrow down your options and facilitate  the shopping process. While this is thinner than average, it’s thick enough to accommodate many adults. Slim models may be ideal for sleepers who struggle to get into or out of a low bed, such as shorter adults and those with mobility issues. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer for how thick a mattress should be. Your body weight, sleeping position, and bed frame or foundation height can all shape the ideal profile of your mattress. Platform beds offer a solid and even surface for your mattress without the need for a box spring.

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Have you noticed any new dips in your mattress that can’t be fixed by rotating it regularly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to bid adieu to your bed. The hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam layers. Providing the best of both construction styles, this option offers the comfort of foam coupled with the support of springs. These beds feature a coil unit and above it, a thin layer of cushioning. Hybrids, which contain coils and layers of foam on top, are also under the innerspring umbrella even though they vary from the traditional construction. The four types of coils found in innerspring beds are Bonnell, encased, offset, and continuous.

Mattress Shopping Tip #6: Buyer’s Remorse

Stomach sleepers are like back sleepers and put the most pressure on the lumbar spine. They usually do best with a Firm mattress that can keep them out of a U-shape and that won’t feel suffocating when lying face-down on the mattress. These other mattress types have expanded their reach primarily by offering a more dynamic performance.

How to Make Your Mattress Last

Read more about best mattresses for side sleepers here. You’ll likely have somewhere between a hundred days and a year to try the bed out, and if it’s not up to snuff you can return it for a refund. Dobrin Mitev, a former senior manager of affiliate and strategic partnerships for Casper, advised me to beware of ratings. Before we can talk about buying a new mattress, you’ll need a Ph.D. in chemistry and another in mechanical engineering. A master’s degree in marketing and bullshit will also come in handy. If you can’t put your mattress out in the sun and fresh air, baking soda is the next best thing.

Consumer Reports has put nearly 250 models through rigorous testing to determine where they excel and where they falter. We challenge manufacturer claims, fact-check each spec, and compile the models into mattress ratings you can trust.

We’ve found that most people who sleep on their side prefer foam, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses. It’s also important for side sleepers to find an option that ensures the head and neck are in alignment. While not all foam or foam hybrid mattresses relieve enough pressure for side sleepers, they tend to perform significantly better in this category than innerspring or all-latex beds.

Read more about king hybrid mattress here. Most mattresses come with labels or tags indicating the manufacturer’s information, care instructions, or even the recommended side to sleep on. These mattress labels are often sewn into the side or bottom fabric. Take a close look around the edges of your mattress for any labels that might indicate the top side. A timely guide to staying ahead of the pack in productivity, sustainability and rest. We offer a range of services to make your bedroom transformation easier.

How Do You Put a Mattress Topper On?

The danger of keeping a mattress for too long is that you can end up breathing these particles into your airways each night. So buying a new mattress before the end of its lifespan will help your body, as well as protect the air you breathe. Purchasing a mattress online significantly increases your options, especially if you live in a smaller city where mattress stores are few and far between. You may also find customizable options or mattress retailers that source nonstandard sizes beyond the California king, including the Olympic queen and Alaskan king. Deciding what you really need and want comes down to personal preference. Whichever mattress allows you to get quality sleep in your preferred sleeping position is a good choice. Read more about made in USA mattress here. Getting a restful night’s sleep improves every aspect of your life.

A quilted cover accentuates the comfortable design by creating a luxuriously plush feel on the surface. If you mostly sleep on your back, softer mattresses probably won’t provide enough support to keep your spine properly aligned as you sleep. A firmer foam or hybrid mattress, which combines coils and foam, may help you get better rest.

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