How to Design the Ideal Layout for Your Yard

You may have hidden treasures (an attractive set of stairs, a brick patio, a lovely view) just waiting to be noticed. Concentrate on details like steps, paving patterns, views toward and away from each area, and the locations of doors. Before you physically add your dream elements, take a notebook out to your yard to evaluate what you like and what you don’t. Walk around the perimeter of your property as if you were a stranger, objectively viewing the space. The plant images (circled in red) show you what the plants or other landscape materials will look like.

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How Long Does it Take to Create a Landscape Design Plan?

If your landscaping was a book, your front yard would be the cover! It’s your guests’ first impression of your home and the view that welcomes you home at the end of a long day. Getting your front yard landscaping right is essential for creating a beautiful and inviting entrance that feels just like you. It’s one of the drawbacks in an industry that tries its darndest to protect its pricing.

A type of stone or a similar curve used throughout a design are minimal themes that will help showcase your property. While some themes may appear obvious, like modern or resort-style, others can be more subtle.

Q. Can I negotiate the prices for landscape design?

In addition to the outline and shape of the area, you also need to think about colors and textures you like so the designer can get a feel for what materials will work. It’s important to have an idea of how much you want to spend on your landscape project before ever meeting with the designer. That way, they can tailor the presentation and design to fit within your budget. A fire pit in your backyard can be a gathering place for family and friends, especially on cold winter nights. A fire pit costs about $250 to $2,200 to install, which is pretty affordable when you consider that fire pits add functionality to your landscape and increase home value. Other minor factors can affect the cost of a landscape design, such as the following.

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Find a Partner with a Plan

To start our process you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your property that helps our design team understand your goals, needs and existing landscape. You can add 3d renders, lighting plans or side yards to your design package. You’ll then meet with your designer on a video call, show them your space and discuss your priorities. Tilly also offers individual DIY projects, including a DIY Garden Bed if you aren’t ready to tackle your entire yard. Whether you’re needing a landscape design to compliment your new home build or looking to give your garden a facelift, the right landscape designer can impact the process and the end result. An experienced landscape designer can also be beneficial when updating or installing elements in your outdoor space such as a swimming pool, driveway or entertaining area.

All projects have to start somewhere, but we can’t help you if we don’t know what number we are shooting for. If you have a clear idea of both your needs and your budget, you’ll start this phase knowing exactly what you can afford and which features you must have in order to make the installation work for you. And we tell them that the actual design/build process doesn’t take as long as they think — even though it can depend on some varying factors, such as size of the project, grade changes, time of year, etc.

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