How to Buy a Home with a Virtual Tour

And, of course, it’s perfect for presenting impeccable interior staging options that inspire even the most demanding prospects. A virtual tour is an online simulation of a real-life location, usually created using 360-degree photography or video. There are a number of other virtual tour software options, such as EyeSpy360, VPiX, Kuula, My360, Roundme, and more. For a free and easy option, the Zillow 3D Home app allows agents to create virtual tours from their smartphones (or a Ricoh Theta camera) for free. Matterport is the leading software for creating 3D virtual tours, offering a cloud-based platform with plans ranging from $9.99 to $309 per month. If you’re using a 360-degree camera, you can upload your images directly to Matterport; for DSLR camera and smartphone images, you’ll need to use the Matterport app on iPhone.

You should also be looking at your business costs, specifically software. Matterport for one can run you from $10 to $129 monthly so definitely remember to put your subscription fees into the equation. People looking to book a place to stay a few nights in after a long drive are always curious to see what’s on offer amenities-wise. If you’re a woman looking for some guidance in entrepreneurship, check out this great new series Women in Business created by the women of our partner Startup Savant.

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But the quality of the video becomes compressed when translated to social media platforms. Our phone cameras are incredibly powerful – but nothing compares to the clarity of a Matterport 3D camera. Besides, the benefit is that the user can control the walkthrough tour on their own, and discover rooms and house features at their leisure.

However, they provide considerable value to potential buyers because they can virtually “walk” through the property at their own speed and look at spaces in detail. This will help your clients get all the information they need about properties before contacting you and asking to arrange real visits of houses or apartments they like most. Developing feature-rich 3D virtual tours may seem expensive, but think of the investment in traditional real estate marketing. Not only do you need to stage properties, you also need to provide high-quality pictures and lots of print materials (particularly for new properties). By using a gimbal, the camera can smoothly “fly” through the home, allowing viewers to experience the layout and flow of the space as if they were actually walking through it. This creates a more engaging and realistic experience for the viewer, helping them to envision themselves in the space and better understand the layout and features of the property. If you are in the business of real estate photography, it won’t be very long before someone asks you to do a 360 tour for a listing.

Most software programs include additional features to improve your tour and enhance the viewer’s experience. These can include audio descriptions, interactive links (also called hotspots), music, or text.

How to Make 360 Degree Virtual Real Estate Tours

When you determine pricing, you can always start low and ramp it up as you pitch more people. If they are totally fine with what you say (no flinching), you should pick a higher price. If they freak out, you can discuss a “discount” only “if they refer you” to 2 more clients. Remember, if you are having a pricing conversation, they want to buy. Ask for the sale, make sure to follow up and always be closing. When you make this list, you can start to get a feel for your local market. But prepare you mind for a consistent marketing strategy that is highly targeted.

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If you plan to make a virtual tour, make sure you hire the correct people. After all, you don’t desire to waste money on somebody who would offer you with a substandard product. As a good rule of thumb, you should stick with catchy, upbeat songs. You want potential buyers to feel happy when watching your video. Depending on the home’s aesthetic and target buyer, a fun pop song or elegant classic music can set the right mood. You’ll also need to plan your finances for the transition period carefully.

Imagine transporting your audience to a simulated or real-world environment, allowing them to explore and interact remotely. CloudPano specializes in creating virtual tours that combine 360-degree images, videos, and interactive elements, unlocking immersive experiences for viewers. Digitally produced virtual house tours are the cutting-edge solutions that can help real estate agents and developers promote and sell their properties. Among the key benefits of the virtual tools are the opportunities to pre-sell and advertise places currently under construction by presenting their anticipated look.

How Valuable Are 360 Tours In The Real Estate Market?

However, interactive tours expand on the technology of virtual tours and enable the client to experience the intricate features of the property first-hand. Read more about 3D Virtual Property Tour here. Clients can open closets, step inside showers, and even walk onto balconies to experience a property’s view. Interactive tours often utilize virtual reality goggles and controllers to allow the client even further opportunities to interact with the tour. The other main difference between virtual tours and interactive tours is the methods used to create the digital tour itself.

I like to capture scenes in the middle of rooms, with maybe a couple different spots in kitchens. If you charge based on how many scenes you take, make sure you discuss how many scenes are needed with your clients. Some clients might only want 1 scene per room, but some might want 2 or more depending on the size of each room. Make sure you capture enough scenes to have line-of-sight access to other scenes, to make the viewer feel like they are able to walk around to the various spaces. When thinking about virtual tour software, there are a few key points to keep in mind. To improve future virtual open houses, consider sending a short survey to attendees.

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