How is the 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van?

Many Class B RVs made on the Sprinter van chassis, and the vehicles are well-built and should last a long time. The most common version is the commercial cargo van, which just has a cab in front and an empty van in the back. However, you can find Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans with seats for passengers. In this post, we’ll give you some examples and ideas of how much a Sprinter van costs so you can decide if it’s the right van life van for you. Another East Coast Sprinter van build company, Exploration Vans, is a go-to for high-end, effective adventure solutions built on the Mercedes Sprinter platform. A Sprinter van build could cost from just a few thousand dollars to $150k+, which doesn’t include the cost of the Sprinter van itself!

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Sprinter vans are well made; there’s a reason RV manufacturers use them and they’re preferred by many van conversion companies. Remember that quality craftsmanship when you build a Sprinter van will go a long way. If you’re planning on driving down bumpy dirt roads, you don’t want your custom interior falling apart on the first drive along washboard.

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Each piece is made of unfinished birch pinewood, so you’ll need to stain or paint everything yourself. Also, they all come as kits that you’ll have to assemble before installing anything inside the van. However, a 4-cylinder diesel increases the cost by $3,300, a 6-cylinder diesel by $5,320 and a 6-cylinder 4×4 powertrain increases your cost by $13,820.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Sprinter Van Conversion Company

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Stunning Sprinter Van Conversion Ideas for Your Van Life Adventures

But the process left me thinking there had to be a better way to convert a van for first-time DIYers. Five years later I got to find out when I did another conversion on a new van.

The popularity of cargo sprinter vans and hot shots has increased significantly in recent years. Sprinter vans and hot shots provide expedited trucking services geared toward the pickup and delivery of ultra-time-sensitive LTL freight. It is an owner-operator-dominated business with relatively low market entry costs compared to a class 8 long-haul semi-truck-based business.

Or a bathroom might seem like a necessity until you realize getting by without a bathroom (or at least a shower) in your van isn’t that difficult. Once you’ve gone through the sorting process and decided which items can be sold, list the items on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo app, and OfferUp app. If you feel comfortable, share with people what you’re doing and why you’re inspired to travel in a van. Most people will be happy to support you, even if it means they just buy something small from you or tell their friends. Otherwise, sort through every item piece by piece and decide what can be sold, donated, given to friends, recycled, or thrown away. Invite a friend over that’s good at getting rid of things and solicit their help.

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