CFRP Lightweight components for the automotive industry

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a very simple and yet very high-quality Carbonfiber part without complex mould making and Vacuumbagging. Making such lightweight parts, of course, takes some practice but with my help, you are off to a good start, and with some practice, you should get some very good weights after 2-3 tries. For the Example Part, I am showing you how I made the Prototypes for Armrests that I made for my Velomobile(last picture) and also show off a bit of the Mould I use for Serial production of the Armrests.

The carbon fibre parts are five times lighter than metal and therefore, are ideal for higher agility cars. On average, it can reduce the overall car weight by 60%, which helps cars reach top speed in less time. To prepare carbon fibre car body parts, carbon filaments are carbonised and converted into a fibre coil. The fibre coil is then mixed with thermosetting plastic to provide it with the required strength. In the last step, the prepared product is arranged in bundles and rolled up to create car body parts. If you need to de-risk your composite, polymer, or carbon fibre automotive component design and manufacture, that’s where we come in.

This low viscosity liquid easily impregnates many types of fibers and mat materials. Reinforcements such as S-Glass, E-Glass, Kevlar and Carbon fibers are combined with EpoxAmite™ Epoxy Laminating Resin to produce extremely strong yet lightweight parts. For the 1st layer of resin you will need to mix slightly more resin that you will need for subsequent layers because it will use a little extra resin to wet-out the dry carbon fibre. Typically, you’ll need about the same amount of resin for this stage as you needed to basecoat the part. The automotive industry is a champion of unique features and methods.

They have also become very popular with luxury vehicles, and you can upgrade your car by grabbing a carbon fiber hood or spoiler from Monaco Motorsports. Carbon fiber is a very tough and durable material and is also considered the best material for manufacturing such parts.

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Some parts, such as carbon fiber wraps and hoods, make your look more appealing and high-end. Carbon fiber hoods blend perfectly with several car models, and you can have it painted the way you want.

What Makes Molded Carbon Fiber Parts So Special?

Most large, reputable mold companies don’t even have this level of experience designing carbon fiber molds. When you have problems with the cloth sticking to the mould or the next layer you can use a little bit more resin. Carbon fiber parts have many benefits, but probably the best one is that they are lightweight. Carbon fiber parts are much lighter compared to similar parts made from steel and sheet metal.

Classification of Carbon Fibers

Not only can it enhance the look of your car, it also improves performance. Our carbon skinning service is a bespoke service where everything is hand produced individually.

It reduces the vehicle’s overall weight, allowing it to operate more efficiently. As it’s lighter, the vehicle uses less oil and doesn’t burden the other parts. The speed and lightweight of the vehicle add to the comfort that you receive while driving the vehicle.

Both the Murcielago and the Aventador include composite parts made by Hexcel. Lightweight parts can help a supercar accelerate very quickly and achieve other impressive feats. ESE Carbon Co.’s new carbon fiber wheel uses tailored fiber placement and custom presses to minimize waste and improve scalability. We work closely with you in the planning and implementation of individualized serial components. Depending on your requirements, we will guide you in our Lightweight and Application Center (LAC) from brainstorming to extensive joint design work including simulation and validation. Our high quality interior designs enable you to transform the inside of your vehicle.

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