2023 Ultimate Guide to Choosing An Auto Transport Company

This is a safer option that protects your car from dust, dust, grime, and other road elements. Enclosed car carriers cater to a smaller market for rare and exotic vehicles and come at premium rates of up to 40-60% more of the open carrier. These are companies or individuals that coordinate shipments using a network of auto transport companies. Usually, brokers don’t have their own fleet of car-carrying trailers. They coordinate with carrier companies to fulfill car shipment orders . Convenience aside, one of the main reasons that people ship their cars is cost.

This isn’t the only reason that you might be interested in using an auto transport service. Sometimes it is just more convenient to let a professional auto transport company relocate your vehicle. This process can be convenient, efficient, and safe for everyone involved.

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When you arrive, the carrier will take possession of your car and load it onto the truck. Your vehicle will be hauled to the shipping terminal nearest your new home. When it arrives, you will be tasked with retrieving it from that location. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is a great choice if you are moving from one major city to another. However, it is not ideal if you are relocating to a rural area that is far from delivery locations. The primary reason that shipping rates vary by season is due to demand for car shipping companies. The majority of clients want to have their vehicles shipped during the summer months.

Some companies allow clients to transport a maximum of 100lbs of items in the trunk. However, the driver has to inspect and confirm that there are no illegal goods. Transporting a car that’s in good condition is cheaper than transporting inoperable vehicles. This is because the shipping company will have to provide load assistance to get the car on the trailer. This may be as simple as providing a jump start or acquiring cranes to lift the vehicle. The best type of transport solution to ship a car depends on the size, weight, and number of vehicles being shipped.

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Terminal-to-terminal car transport, on the other hand, means that your car is picked and delivered to a terminal–also known as storage facilities for cars–near you. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. When it comes to shipping your car abroad with the utmost safety and reliability, it’s crucial to trust a company with a proven track record.

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Booking well in advance will not only secure your spot but also give you peace of mind. Beyond these factors, you’ll also need to consider the shipping schedule for the carrier you use. Commercial carriers typically ship cats every week, whereas local small businesses may not be able to ship as regularly.

Also, if you’re moving a classic, luxury or antique vehicle, shipping your car ensures it remains in pristine condition, untouched by long hours on the road. So, shipping your car isn’t just about convenience—it’s a savvy choice that could save you time, money and a whole lot of mileage.

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